Dental Sedation

Dental Anxiety

We understand and fully appreciate that sometimes coming to the dentist can be a very traumatic experience and that anxiety can become a very real constraint when trying to achieve the smile you desire.

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We would like to help you to overcome that anxiety by offering a range of anxiety management techniques. Our most significant being the use of conscious sedation techniques.Sedation makes patients feel more relaxed and at ease, enabling them to undergo their dental treatment with the support of local anaesthetic.

At Ryton Dental, all patients will be thoroughly assessed so a dentist can listen to their concerns and discuss the option of conscious sedation. Following this initial appointment, we will determine the most appropriate form of conscious sedation to suit each patient’s individual needs and anxiety levels.

Treatment Options Available

Inhalation ‘happy air’ Conscious Sedation

We offer inhalation sedation, which is also known as “happy air”. This is administered via a small mask which is placed just over your nose. This technique is very useful for children and mildly anxious adult patients, or patients who experience a strong gag reflex.

Intravenous conscious sedation

We offer intra-venous sedation, which is administered via a small plastic tube which is usually placed in your hand and a sedative drug is administered via this tube. This technique is very successful with our more anxious patients.

This treatment is available to patients who are aged 12 years and over, where appropriate.

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