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Benefits Of Joining

The many benefits of joining one of our CarePlans
  • Priority appointment booking including evenings and weekends
  • More time spent using more advanced techniques and materials
  • Exclusive access to PrimaryCare price list
  • Eligibility to request assistance from the Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme*
  • 3D digital visualisation and simulation of your examination; involving you in your treatment planning like never before
  • Digital impressions for increased accuracy and speed
  • AquaCare contactless dentistry for minimal drills and needles
  • Up to 20% off AdvancedCare treatment options
  • X-rays when clinically required.
When you join our Plan as an adult, your child(ren) will receive preventive dental care free of charge up to the age of 18 years.
This care includes:

  • Dental examinations
  • Necessary x-rays
  • Preventative fluoride varnish application and fissure sealants as required
  • Oral health advice and education
  • Minimally invasive dentistry including the use of AquaCare – contactless dentisty for less drills and needles.

*The Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme is a scheme established to offer support and assistance to dental plan patients who request treatment following a dental trauma and/or dental emergency or oral cancer. The Scheme responds to requests for assistance on a wholly discretionary basis. This means that, whilst the Scheme aims to provide benefits in most cases, it has no obligation to provide any benefit unless it first decides (in its sole and absolute discretion) that it should provide a benefit. There are some circumstances in which the Scheme is not designed to help and these are explained in more detail in the Scheme Handbook. Each request will be looked at individually to assess the request for benefit. Certain restrictions and limitations may apply in the event that the request is accepted and it is possible that the Scheme will decide to provide no benefit.

CarePlans - Options


£12.95 per month*

To include:

  • A dental health examination with the dentist every six months
  • A hygiene visit with the hygienist every six months


£18.95 per month*

To include:

  • A dental health examination with the dentist every six months
  • A hygiene visit with the hygienist every three months for more regular maintenance

*An initial administration fee of £9.50 will be collected with your first payment only.

CarePlans - Price Comparison

See what you can save by registering onto one of our plans, rather than paying each time for your appointments as a private patient.

 CarePlanCarePlan PlusPrivate fee equivalent
1st dental health examination£46.00
1st hygiene visit£35.00
2nd dental health examination£46.00
2nd hygiene visit£35.00
3rd hygiene visit£35.0o
4th hygiene visit£35.00
Priority emergency appointment£42.00 + treatment cost
Registration fee£42.00
Monthly cost£12.95£18.95
Total cost per year£155.40£227.40£261.00 compared
to CarePlan
£331.00 compared
to CarePlan Plus
Member saving per year£105.60£103.60

NHS treatment comparison

Comprehensive examination
Oral hygiene and preventative advice
Priority appointments
Hygienist cleans
Amalgam fillings

Tooth coloured alternative available

Metal Crowns

Tooth coloured alternative available

3D digital examination
Digital impressions
AquaCare air abrasion
Eligibility to request assistance from the Worldwide  Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme

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