Will talks Composite Veneers


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Will McLeish – Dentist

Ryton Dental

There is a huge obsession these days with achieving a perfect smile. We’ve all seen the horror stories about dentists crowning every single tooth in someone’s mouth and whilst there is a time and a place for crowns it’s not always the best way to achieve the aesthetic results you’re after.

My personal interest is in an area of dentistry called composite bonding. It is an effective and minimally invasive way to change the shape and appearance of your teeth. That means no drilling and definitely no needles, which I’m sure is a very intriguing prospect for those of you with a love hate relationship for us dentists…or be it just hate! Composite bonding is rapidly becoming a popular cosmetic alternative for many patients allowing them to get the smile they desire in just one visit.

Teeth are so much more than something to chew with, they are special and unique to you. This is why I love composite bonding as with a bit of planning and some artistic flare we can provide you with a smile that is characteristic to you which is essential, as it is yours after all.

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